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About Remaginative

Remaginative is a state of mind and action. It restores optimism in our future. 

Remaginative aims to inspire each of us to use our courage, confidence and skills to create the world we want.  

Human society has made incredible progress.  This should give us confidence that we can solve the daunting problems that face human society today.

“The world” can’t change.  That’s the exciting part.  It’s up to us. Each of us can change, and inspire others to change.  This requires us to question the everyday routine. When enough of us change, the world changes. 

Let’s boldly re-image the possible, and create the world we want to leave to our children.  Let’s become remaginative.


About Sean DeWitt

I am working with lots of amazing people to restore things that matter to me: land, buildings, economies, culture, courage, hope & optimism. 

At the World Resources Institute, I lead our efforts to restore land to benefit people and planet. 

At Our Katahdin, I help drive our efforts to restore the rural economy of my hometown region in northern Maine.

At Remaginative, I want to share what I’m learning along the way and connect with other people who are restoring optimism.

This is hard stuff.  The results can be amazing.  The road is bumpy.  There is glory in the hard work along the journey.

I’m inspired by others doing similar restorative work.  Let’s tell our stories.  Let’s learn from each other.  Let’s realize an equitable and sustainable future.  

It’s time we re-imagine the possible.